Longing for that Warm Embrace

That feeling of loneliness

When it engulfs me from nowhere

My eyes close and…

I long for “that” warm embrace

The embrace that only he

Wants, anticipates, and yearns

As much as I do

To be held like never before

An embrace that we will feel

Like a burning flame

Through our entire body

So much that we break into a cold sweat

O how I long for “that” warm embrace

The warm embrace that I speak of…

Intel’s embracing

My mind, body and spirit

The embrace I speak of

Is beyond an physical stimuli

To embrace me as a whole


“That” Warm Embrace I long for


© 2005-2009 YouRtheReason



Being Me

Today I awoke to the sound of me
To the sound of wind blowing
To the sound of water crashing
Is it really the wind I hear?
Or my first breath
Is it really the water crashing?
Or my tears I cry inside
Life with me…
Looking out at the trees waving
Or are those the years gone by
Feeling the fresh breeze
Or is that my cue to start anew
Life with me…

Being Me

© 2005-2009 YouRtheReason