Wanting more
I want more for my soul
I want more my mind
I want enough to feed me for the rest of my time
Wanting more should not be thought of as being greedy
Wanting more should not be thought to be a dream
Wanting more today
Seems to not be the in thing
I have been blessed to meet some that wants the same
We sit back and watch as the others play the game
So here is my plea
For those that step to me
Before you do please think it through
I would hate to have to disappoint you
When I say I want more that means quite a few things
Stimulate my mind
Caress my spirit
Dance with my soul
And the lengths we will go will be untold
Behold my being
Know me through and through
Otherwise there’s no point in being with you
If you are confused and not clear on my request
Its best you walk by and holla at the rest
Because there is no way in hell
I would ever settle for less!!

© 2005-2009 YouRtheReason


On That One Night A Year

This place is so crowed
Music is the only sound I here
As I take my seat
Our eyes meet

With a warm smile
As we continue to stare
I want to turn my head
Hoping my looks
Aren’t miss-read

It only takes a minute
After I am fully seated
For you to come by
And say Hi

This is not the place
But it’s where we met face to face
Man I hope this guy
Is not on the chase
If that’s not case
Then it’s ok
For him to take a seat
And be in my space

Many have walked by
Trying to catch my eye
While never turning my head
And talking with you
Should hopefully
Give them a clue

On a chance meeting
In this place
You would be the first
I must admit
To keep a smile
On my face

Eight months have passed
You’re still complimenting me on having class
It is true
All men aren’t just looking
For a piece of ass

There are many misconceptions
Of people who attend these places
Clustered and crowed with so many faces

On that one night a year
I decide to go out dance
I met a gentleman
With my first glance

 © 2005-2009 YouRtheReason

Being Me

Today I awoke to the sound of me
To the sound of wind blowing
To the sound of water crashing
Is it really the wind I hear?
Or my first breath
Is it really the water crashing?
Or my tears I cry inside
Life with me…
Looking out at the trees waving
Or are those the years gone by
Feeling the fresh breeze
Or is that my cue to start anew
Life with me…

Being Me

© 2005-2009 YouRtheReason