“That Man”

I didn’t have a clue
I never thought this could come true
Sit back and close your eyes
And let me paint this picture for you
It has been some time now
I let my inside dry up and dwindle in despair
Hoping that tomorrow
He will be there
I feel the beats and the pounding
Like a drum in a band
I can’t help but wonder
Has God finished completing
‘”that” Man
I know I have no place
But you can tell by the look on my face
That there’s an empty space
Everyday there’s a race
And I’m weary from the chase
And not one of them had “that” face
Those eyes that would see clean through to my soul
And give light to that place
That has now become a black hole
While my days come and nights go by
I know all that I have come to believe can’t be a lie
Have I asked for too much?
Are my standards too high?
If your answer to me is No…..
Then my question is why?
There is no answer
This question has been plaguing me like a cancer
And still
There is no answer
Just when I decided
I would just let it go
A door opened
And wouldn’t you know
At first glance
I knew this meeting was not by chance
It played out like a silent movie from France
No words were being spoken
Not even a sound
Our souls knew
They had been found
See physically we weren’t in the conversation
OMG what a sensation
Intertwined his soul and mine
Thank you Jesus ….lol…it’s about time
So for the first time I take a chance
And follow my heart
The whole while my head is saying
That’s not smart
But this is different
It’s a joy I can’t fully explain
Our connection is so deep
or am I going insane
Seeing the love he has for me
Through his eyes
Let’s me know everything my head has been telling me
Has all been lies
I took mental notes
I left myself open
Hoping, Wishing, Praying
God would finish completing “that” Man
And all the while it was written in his plans
Right before my eyes
Here he stands

“that” Man!

© 2005-2009 YouRtheReason


Longing for that Warm Embrace

That feeling of loneliness

When it engulfs me from nowhere

My eyes close and…

I long for “that” warm embrace

The embrace that only he

Wants, anticipates, and yearns

As much as I do

To be held like never before

An embrace that we will feel

Like a burning flame

Through our entire body

So much that we break into a cold sweat

O how I long for “that” warm embrace

The warm embrace that I speak of…

Intel’s embracing

My mind, body and spirit

The embrace I speak of

Is beyond an physical stimuli

To embrace me as a whole


“That” Warm Embrace I long for


© 2005-2009 YouRtheReason