Wanting more
I want more for my soul
I want more my mind
I want enough to feed me for the rest of my time
Wanting more should not be thought of as being greedy
Wanting more should not be thought to be a dream
Wanting more today
Seems to not be the in thing
I have been blessed to meet some that wants the same
We sit back and watch as the others play the game
So here is my plea
For those that step to me
Before you do please think it through
I would hate to have to disappoint you
When I say I want more that means quite a few things
Stimulate my mind
Caress my spirit
Dance with my soul
And the lengths we will go will be untold
Behold my being
Know me through and through
Otherwise there’s no point in being with you
If you are confused and not clear on my request
Its best you walk by and holla at the rest
Because there is no way in hell
I would ever settle for less!!

© 2005-2009 YouRtheReason