Soulful Bliss

You leave me speechless way more than I like to admit…….

The whole mystery of a man that has yet to be seen although heard by the masses……

 has been discovered and uncovered…..Shhh!!

It became the goal of my soul ……to my eyes still unseen….

If I could paint a perfect picture….

The sheer essence of its character and wonder….

Would give me the clear vision of you!

See that…..that right there……is……..

Something I long for, that my mind, body, soul and spirit crave…..

You keep me nourished every time we meet……

It’s the only time that my whole being is given meaning…….

So until the next fix…..

I have to get every last drop of this…..

My thoughts pure and true my feelings are genuine,

Totally in a state of undress from my emotions to my actions

I melt in his embrace; lay gracefully while engulfed in his essence,

There is no other scene I would rather be in then the one we are writing right now

Shhh…..not a word don’t make a sound, the answers that you seek,

My dear heart, our souls have already found……

Our actions are guided not by fantasy,

Nor lustful like, their seen through a window that is not clear to anyone but you and I,

speechless, I glare into your stare, content with the thoughts of the poem we present

In our moments of silence the heart and souls speak volumes,

Your yearning for my silence is unyielding in my eyes,

Massaging my mind to the point of hypnosis,

Allowing you to penetrate to the depths of my being,

I long for that moment when our eyes meet recite love,

Recite and allow our souls to ignite in soul stirring bliss,

No words, my hand softly caress your face…..

Where I gently place a kiss

He whispers:

Hmmm that reaction sends shivers down my spine,

Momentarily disrupt my rhyme

I take that same hand and embrace it, trace it,

With my finger…take your other hand and kiss it,

Look between the soul of your skin

Whisper to let me in and return the notion of a kiss…

Soft tipped to aid the silence of your lips,

Until you speak of love, again

© 2005-2009 YouRtheReason


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