Poetess Verses “Rest”

If I could take your pain away,

Allow you to rest and lay,

Just for today it would be done,

If all that was required is a touch,

Speak it,

Rest dear heart and think of nothing,

Just flow and let go

So much time spent in that place,

It can become comfortable,

Loneliness never felt so lonely,

Until I discovered you,

My minds eye is wide open,

A new birth,

A new beginning

An a forest of bliss has replaced this,

Sad, closed,

Dying to admit,

Lying while denying my fear,

A lifetime of loneliness is no longer clear,

As long as you’re here

(Sigh), Hmmm

Rest, upon your chest my head will lay,

Rest, rest, rest,

How I have longed for delightful slumber,

Free from thoughts of the day,

Not today while I lay….

I won’t go anywhere,

Permanently, prematurely, without purpose and “reason” to return…

May no bridges burn and separate the vibe we share,

I will be here, yet there in your existence and in your air…


© 2005-2009 YouRtheReason


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